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July, 2023. Take a look at Azeron's 4th birthday party.

The story of Azeron that begins with the launch of a computer game.

Take a quick look at the Azeron Gaming Keypad manufacturing processes. Azeron is located in the new Science and Innovation Centre VIZIUM, Ventspils, Latvia.

December, 2021. 2021 has been full of positive emotions and events for Azeron. We are proud of our hard-working team, happy customers, and the awards! 

October, 2021. Azeron team has moved to a brand new office in the Science and Innovation centre "VIZIUM". We are excited to grow bigger and make more and more gamers happier!

July, 2021. Azeron’s birthday party. We celebrate together our every special moment!

July, 2020. A little insight into the Azeron Gaming Keypad making process and a sneak peek into Azeron manufacturing processes.

July, 2020. Azeron’s first birthday party.

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